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Hydra Unlimited is pushing the boundaries of deep water culture evolution. Deep water culture, commonly known as DWC, is a hydroponic process for plant production that entails suspending the plant’s roots in a nutrient-rich solution of oxygenated water. Hydra Unlimited takes the guesswork out of crop maintenance by seamlessly providing the ideal water and nutrients to your plants resulting in healthier plants and higher yields. Reach out today at to have one of our consultants walk you through what HydraMax and Hydra Unlimited can do to maximize your grow ROI.

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Benefits of Hydra Unlimited & Our Team of Experts:


The Gold Standard In Deep Water Culture

HA-116, HA-134, HA-168 | HydraMax Bucket Assembly

Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green.

HydraMax, from Hydra Unlimited, is the only built-for-commercial solution deep water culture system that is designed to take your grow operation to the next level and beyond.


Our engineers have designed HydraMax to take the work out of setup and cleaning with quick and easy assembly and reassembly with just a few snaps of our patented Qwik-Lok™ plumbing system. You’ll be able to get setup and running from week one and can expect superior nutrient delivery, increased volume, increased annual grow cycles, and higher profits.

Our Comprehensive Deep Water Culture Systems

HydraMax systems include HydraFlex circulators in every bucket which replace the need for air stones and air pumps. These circulators evenly feed and oxygenate each of your plants quickly and efficiently.


HydraMax, eliminates the need for a reservoir.  Nutrients are added into the dosing system attached to the pump.  Nutrients are then pumped directly to each plant within seconds, all at the same time.


Save time & labor hours through our clean in place feature; this is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, equipment, filters and associated fittings, without major disassembly.

HydraMax key features and diagram


HydraMax Deep Water Culture System

Higher Yields, Higher Profits

Streamline Operations, Increase Efficiency

Professional Sales & Technical Installation Support

TetraBase™ | The Smart Long-Term Investment.

Choosing Your Media.

Designed specifically for Deep Water Culture, TetraBase is a clean and reusable media that delivers the support large plants require.  It does not affect pH, attract pests, promote bacteria or introduce dust or debris to your system. Made in USA with 100% recycled materials.

Incredible Long Term Savings

100% Clean & Reusable Media. No Dust, No Debris, Non-Abrasive Professional Media.

safer, More Healthy Choice

Reduces Bacteria Growth, Promotes Natural Root Growth, Non-Porous & Interlocking.

Reduce Pests, Keep PH Balance

Does Not Attract Pests, and Does Not Affect Water PH Levels.

Made In The United States

Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, Tested, & Shipped In The U.S.A.


TetraBase Professional grow Media

Maximize ROI & Reduce Overhead

Healthy For Roots, Healthy For Profit

Easy To Manage & Focus On What Matters Most

Grow With Sustainability In Mind

Hydroponics in general is a sustainable way to irrigate crops vs traditional agricultural practices which uses ~70% of the earth’s 0.5% of usable water. As the population increases, more and more land will be used for growing outdoor crops thus more valuable water will be needed to maintain these crops. The increased acceptance of indoor hydroponic growing for many types of crops supports sustainability on a grand scale and keeps our planet greener.
At Hydra Unlimited, See More Green extends beyond profitability. We take the environment seriously and have designed our HydraMax systems with recyclability, reusability, and reduced water consumption in mind. Between grows, simply rinse and reuse utilizing all of the original parts. Our solutions require less nutrients due to the way these products are delivered to each plant. Even our patented grow media, TetraBase®, is made from 100% recycled material and can be used from grow to grow as opposed to having to buy new media for each cultivation cycle. With Hydra Unlimited, you’ll not only See More Green, you will Be More Green.

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