HydraMax Deep Water Culture Systems

Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green.

The Gold Standard In Deep Water Culture Hydroponics.

HydraMax Commercial Solutions

HydraMax, from Hydra Unlimited, is the most comprehensive deep water culture hydroponics system designed to take your grow to the next level and beyond. Hydra Unlimited is pushing the boundaries of deep water culture evolution, and our systems are designed to deliver water and nutrients to each plant quickly, and evenly, resulting in healthier plants. Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green.

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Each bucket has its own water and air circulator that provides a 50/50 mix of water and oxygen.
Air pumps and air stones are not required!

Inspection Port

HydraMax systems include TetraBase, Hydra Unlimited’s revolutionary new hydroponic media designed specifically for deep water culture.

Chiller Ready
HydaMax systems are compatible with inline chillers to keep the water temperature exactly where you want it.

A Superior Dosing System
Nutrients are added through the dosing funnel and then delivered directly to each plant.
No Reservoir
HydraMax systems do not require a reservoir, saving valuable floor space.

Clean In Place

Clean in place is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, equipment, filters
and associated fittings, without major disassembly.

Customer Service

Save time and money with our professional engineering and support staff.
Our unmatched customer and tech support is here for you when you need it.

HydraMax uses Qwik-Lok Plumbing which makes assembly, disassembly and cleaning a snap!

Nutrients are added through the dosing funnel and then delivered directly to each plant.

Raised Buckets
Raised bucket design allows plumbing to run underneath, saving valuable floorspace.

Center Drain
Each bucket’s bottom center drain drops directly into the plumbing system with an o-ring seal making assembly a breeze.

Fully Scalable and Customizable
System Configurations

From Beginner to full-scale commercial cultivation,
We Have deep water culture Systems Built For Every Stage of growing!

2-Row Hydroponics Systems

HydraMax 4 bucket, 2 row deep water culture system

3-Row Hydroponics Systems

HydraMax 9 bucket, 3 row deep water culture system

4-Row Hydroponics Systems

HydraMax 28 bucket, 4 row deep water culture system

Grow With Sustainability In Mind

Hydroponics in general is a sustainable way to irrigate crops vs traditional agricultural practices which uses ~70% of the earth’s 0.5% of usable water. As the population increases, more and more land will be used for growing outdoor crops thus more valuable water will be needed to maintain these crops. The increased acceptance of indoor hydroponic growing for many types of crops supports sustainability on a grand scale and keeps our planet greener.
At Hydra Unlimited, See More Green extends beyond profitability. We take the environment seriously and have designed our HydraMax systems with recyclability, reusability, and reduced water consumption in mind. Between grows, simply rinse and reuse utilizing all of the original parts. Our solutions require less nutrients due to the way these products are delivered to each plant. Even our patented grow media, TetraBase®, is made from 100% recycled material and can be used from grow to grow as opposed to having to buy new media for each cultivation cycle. With Hydra Unlimited, you’ll not only See More Green, you will Be More Green.

FAQ - HydraMax

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hydroponics Systems

  • 4/2 – 3’10”W x 5’8”L x 18”H
  • 6/2 – 3’10”W x 8’2”L x 18”H
  • 12/2 – 3’10”W x 16’9”L x 18”H
  • 12/4 – 8’10”W x 9’10”L x 18”H
  • 18/3 – 6’4”W x 17’4”L x 18”H
  • 24/3 – 6’4”W x 22’4”L x 18”H
  • 24/4 – 8’10”W x 16’9”L x 18” H

The pump is a Danner HyDrive 2600 GPH. This equates to about 9,842 LPH.

HydraMax utilizes 8 gallon buckets and has a scale on the side of the bucket to help you track how much water your system is holding.

Currently, our largest system is the 24/4 which holds about 168 gallons of water / 635 L’s.

The HydraMax pump is a water pump so it can stay in the room. The air is drawn in from the top of the circulators. If you are using CO2, you will want to chain the airlines together and draw from a remote location.

It is recommended you draw air from outside the room if you are using CO2 enrichment.

Each row of the system ends with 1” ball valves to allow you to hook up to a hose and drain entirely.

Yes, within reason. Try not to go over 10′ and keep the hoses as level as possible.

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