HydraFlex Circulation and Aeration Systems


HydraFlex is a circulation/aeration kit for hydroponic growing systems. With an easily integrated drop-in design and advanced aeration technology, HydraFlex reduces maintenance and increases yields for standard deep water culture systems.

Reduced Maintenance
The patented HydraFlex circulator eliminates the need for airstones, decreasing cost and disruption that comes with regularly replacing them. Circulators and filter can easily be disconnected for maintenance or cleaning, and snapped back together when done.

Air pumps heat up and air stones clog or degrade. HydraFlex components are more reliable and reduce the potential for failures.

HydraFlex Features

HydraFlex Circulation Speed Test

HydraFlex distributes nutrients to all buckets in your system simultaneously and evenly.  The Following video demonstrates the circulation power of HydraFlex.  In this test video, we used black lights and liquid detergent to simulate nutrients and to allow us to see the distribution happen in real time.