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HydraMax Home.

Get started in deep water culture hydroponics with our eco-friendly beginner home hydroponic system. This uses the exact technology of our professional systems, but in a smaller footprint. HydraMax Home was designed for high performance at an affordable price. Perfect for beginners to deep water culture enthusiasts alike, this system is an amazing starter kit for anyone interested in leveling up their grow capabilities.

HydraMax Professional.

Built on 40+ years of fluids expertise, the HydraMax Professional is a superior recirculating deep water culture system utilized by professional growers around the world. If you're looking for more sustainable  and reliable cultivation methods, our systems are built for uncompromising performance and extremely clean and consistent results through every grow cycle. Start revolutionizing the way you grow today and create the yields you deserve.

HydraMax Commercial.

World-Class cultivation, customization, engineering, & unrivaled professional cultivation support – HydraMax Commercial provides the only commercial-first scalable recirculating deep water culture growing solution in the market. Flexible design options allow us to work in new or existing facilities, while our patented technology provides high-yield harvests. Grow healthier, faster, and more productive cycles. Ready to upgrade? Let's get started.

professional Cleaning Chems + Tools:


Key Benefits:

☑Specifically Formulated For Professionals

☑Reduces Downtime In Between Crop Harvests
☑Promotes Optimal Grow Conditions
☑Non-Hazardous Eco-Friendly Cleaning Formulas

Hydroponic Cleaning Chemicals & Tools:

Created specifically to eliminate organic matter, pathogens, and reduce the risk of crop failure, Hydra Unlimited is delivering an economical solution to effectively clean RDWC systems with precise chemistry.

Our hydroponic parts cleaning kit created to help properly reset larger systems and to reduce overall downtime in between your crop harvests. Proper cleaning can help reduce crop risk failure and start each grow with peace of mind.

Used to attack and flush out leftover salt and mineral buildup, this is an essential and economical approach for larger grows and cultivation facilities.

American Made Hydroponic Systems You've Been Dreaming Of.

We create advanced USA made high-yield, high-performance, medium-less hydroponic systems for commercial cannabis and agricultural cultivators, as well as professional, craft, and beginner hydroponic growers. We have over 40+ years in the manufacturing & engineering space.


Cultivators use our trusted hydroponic systems and patented recirculating deep water culture technology to help truly maximize their hydroponic crop growing. Get ready to take your grow to the next level.

Root Halo medium-less net pot for hydroponic growing

Going Media-Less? Here's why Root Halo Stands Out For Growing.

✅ Huge root growth potential delivered through Root Halo's improved root zone environment, including less light leaks overall.

✅ Media-Free Advantage: Say goodbye to buying media every grow cycle! With Root Halo, eliminate the need for media, reducing the risk of pathogens and ensuring healthier, bigger grows.

✅ Retrofit Ready: Root Halo retrofits onto any bucket lid designed for standard 5.5" netpots.

✅ Snap-In Support: The unique design securely snaps into the bucket lid, providing unparalleled stability for your plants.

✅ Cost-Effective Cultivation: Save money with each grow. Root Halo outshines common alternatives, making it the economical choice for your hydroponic endeavors.

Root Halo - medium-less netpot for hydroponic growing methodology

What Sets Our Hydroponic Systems Apart?

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See Our System In Action

Revolutionize Your Grow 🍃🔊

Watch this video to learn how Hydra Unlimited's Grow Systems seamlessly deliver nutrients and oxygen to your plants without the need for air pumps.

Shop these products and more at

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Snap into stability with Root Halo! 🌱🔩

Root Halo's Snap-In tabs provide unbeatable stability for any hydroponic setup. Adapt your current system or room today, learn more at or by clicking the link in our bio!

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HydraMax technology means higher yields and smarter growing 🍃

Our patented Venturi Circulators and raised bucket designs create cleaner grow environments and save valuable space. Explore more through the link in our bio 🔗

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🎉 👏 Special shoutout to Ron, our new VP of Customer Experience! Ron is in our 48,000 Sq.Ft. manufacturing and production area – sitting in front of a commercial partner's new grow equipment, packed, racked, and ready to be shipped and installed this Summer!

🌱Ron has been an avid Michigan outdoor gardener for decades, but absolutely loves "the sustainability, robust plant growth, and year-round grow capabilities our hydroponic systems and RDWC technology bring to our customers everyday!"

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Qwik-Lok plumbing is improving cultivation operations and changing the status quo!

Our innovative Qwik-Lok system ensures fast, efficient, and leakproof connections with the ease of one-handed operation. Built on over 20 years of field success, Qwik-Lok is designed to make your setup seamless and hassle-free. 

Shop Qwik-Lok plumbing products through the link in our bio.
Ready to step up your grow game?💪🍃

Hydra's Professional Systems offer scalability, efficiency, and unmatched performance. 

Discover the power of professional cultivation through the link in our bio.

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Our customers speak, and we listen! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

At Hydra Unlimited, we're committed to providing the best products and service to help you achieve your growing goals.🍃

See for yourself! Click the link in our bio to check out all we offer.🔗

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Promote healthier plants with Root Halo 🍃💧

Our 5.5
Our patented RDWC hydroponic grow systems provide superior aeration and nutrient delivery exactly where they're needed. 🌿🔊Listen and watch as we explore how our Professional systems are redefining recirculating deep water culture.

 Ready to upgrade your grow? Learn more at 🔗

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Higher Yields. Higher Profits. More Green 🍃📈 

Take your operation to the next level with HydraMax Commercial. World-class systems for world-class results, engineered for excellence. Learn how at by clicking the link in our bio 🔗

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Step up your home grow game with our hydroponic grow systems!

Did you know? Our systems:
🌎Create cleaner, better environments
♻️Significantly reduce, reuse and recycle
🍃Promote healthier plants
😎Produce better product 

Want to experience these benefits firsthand? Shop the link in our bio!

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World-Class Cultivation, Inside Your Home 🏡 🍃

Our 1 & 2 Bucket systems are perfect starter systems for indoor growing and cultivation needs.

Grow through any season, anywhere - click the link in our bio to start your grow from home journey today 🔗

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From dreams to reality: our Deep Water Culture Systems will give you the best grow. 💭🍃

Cultivators use our trusted systems and multi-patented recirculating deep water culture technology to help maximize their hydroponic crop growing, decrease risk of crop failure, and concentrate on scaling their operations and grows.

Click the link in our bio to shop our systems 🔗

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Grow more with less! 

Our hydroponic growing systems utilize technology to maximize your yields! Click the link in our bio to discover our range of hydroponic systems designed for every grower🍃 🔗

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Hydra Systems for Pro & Home: No Bulky PVC Needed

Our systems, designed for both professional and home use, maximize space and streamline your growing setup. Enjoy superior performance with a cleaner, more organized environment.

🌿 Learn more at and see how our systems can transform your grow!

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Unlimited Buckets, Unlimited Grow. 🌿

Fully scalable and custom engineered, Hydra Commercial Grow Systems are designed to perfect your cultivation and operational needs. Learn more by clicking the link in our bio. 

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Why You Should Grow With Hydroponics 🌱✨

Discover the top reasons to switch to hydroponics with Hydra Unlimited:

🚀 Faster Growth
🌿 Full Control Over Nutrients
💧 Reduced Water Usage
🛡️ Better Pest & Disease Control

Ready to upgrade your gardening game? Visit to explore our advanced systems, or DM us for more info!

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Ditch the dirt and switch to TetraBase to upgrade your grow game! 🍃 

TetraBase is a clean, reusable media that does not affect pH, attract pests, promote bacteria or introduce dust or debris to your system. Made in the USA from 100% recyclable materials, it's perfect for Deep Water Culture. 

Grow cleaner and healthier with TetraBase! Click the link in our bio to shop 🔗

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Growers & Operators Love HydraMax

Cannabis Cost Of Production ROI CALCULATOR

CASE STUDY: Tracing Water Consumption For Guaranteed Cannabis Growth Outcomes


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