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Faster Vegging, Superior Yields, Higher Profits, & Sustainably Grown Crops.

The HydraMax

Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green. Whether your plants number from 4-5000, you can rely on The HydraMax difference: HydraMax Commercial Deep Water Culture System consistently produces faster vegging, higher yields, and sustainably grown crops. What does this mean for you? More profit. Period. HydraMax is the only built-for-commercial solution on the Market today, created by Engineers with over 40 years of fluidics expertise. From its best-in-class aeration capabilities to its unrivaled nutrient delivery efficiency, HydraMax ensures that your crops grow predictably at scale so you’ll See More Green™ in less time.

Custom Tailored To Your Needs

Every operation has unique needs and challenges. From square footage to plumbing and growing style, we take the hassle out of your setup by offering custom layouts for your operation. Our system was designed for both open and closed-loop setups – meaning we can meet you where your facility capabilities are today.

Built For Commercial

Our system is the only commercial-first deep water culture cannabis growing solution. Flexible system design options allow us to work just as well in new or existing facilities, while our patented Venturi air intake and circulator system provide a better and much cleaner cultivation environment.

More Profits Gained

Ready to take your grow to new heights?
Contact Us Here to fill out a quick form. One of our professional consultants will walk you through what HydraMax can do to maximize your grow ROI so you can See More Green.

Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Systems
& Professional Grow Media


HydraMax Hydroponics Systems

Eliminate Operational Hours, Increase Labor Efficiency

The Ultimate Reconfigureable, Reuseable, & Reliable System

Faster Growth, Increased Yields, Higher Profit Potential

World-Class Patented Engineering & Products


TetraBase Professional grow Media

100% Clean & Reusable, No Dust, No Debris Non-Abrasive Professional Media

Reduces Bacteria, Promotes Natural Root Growth, Non-Porous & Interlocking

Does Not Attract Pests, Does Not Affect Water PH Levels

Proudly Made In The U.S.A. With 100% Recycled Materials

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Parts & Service Sold Worldwide
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Explore What We Are Doing Better

Comprehensive Deep Water Culture Solutions

We create reliable products that produce consistently faster vegging, higher yields, and maximized ROI. Strengthen your operational efficiency today and do what you do best; grow world class crops predictably at scale.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

An award-winning company; our products are made in the USA, designed, molded, tested, and manufactured by us.

Done Right

Our products use time tested fittings, with over 40 years of experience in fluidics and over 60+million parts sold worldwide.

Customized Scalable Solutions

Permanently reusable, scaleable, configurable, and customized to your needs. Unparalleled customer support, sales, and engineering.

Quality Tested,
100% Satisfaction

Delivering quality from day one; our systems boast an unparalleled ease and speed of install, operational efficiency, and superior nutrient delivery system.

Learn All About The DWC Space

Education & Resources

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Step By Step Deep Water Culture Growing Procedures


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Estimating Your Equipment Needs

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Expert Customer Service & Engineering

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Testing, Quality Control, & U.S. Manufacturing

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