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HydraMax Commercial Solutions

Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green.

Revolutionize Your Operation Capabilities

HydraMax Commercial takes full-scale cultivation operations to the next level and beyond.  Our world-class recirculating deep water culture system, engineering teams, sales, R&D, and manufacturing teams bring an extremely high level of expertise to grow operations. Backed by Science, Data, and Professional Operators – Hydra Unlimited is pushing the boundaries of deep water culture evolution. Simply put, our systems are designed to deliver world-class results with better operational efficiency.

Built For Commercial with World-Class Engineering

Our systems are the only commercial-first recirculating deep water culture growing solutions. Flexible system design options allow us to work just as well in new or existing facilities, while our patented Hydra Venturi air intake and circulator system provide a superior and much cleaner cultivation environment. Grow healthier, faster, and more productive cycles.

World-Class Cultivation, Engineering, & Technology

Every operation has unique needs and challenges. From square footage to plumbing and growing style, we take the hassle out of your setup by offering custom layouts for your operation. We can meet you where your facility capabilities are today with data-backed cultivation, engineering, & science to ensure your success.

Grow Sustainably & Scale with More Profits Gained

HydraMax systems use significantly less water than soil and traditional grow media. Our systems use premium parts, engineering, and technology to ensure maximum longevity and trust in our product. Save on precious labor and resource consumption throughout your grows – all while producing consistently superior results and overall greater sustainable growing practices.

Fully Scalable and Custom Engineered
System Configurations To Perfect Your Cultivation & Operational Needs.

Operate with a renewed confidence with Hydra Unlimited. HydraMax Commercial can increase your ROI through lower operational expenses and decreased labor costs. Our patented design eliminates the need for an epicenter, providing you the versatility of an automated direct injection dosing system. HydraMax is the only system on the market with the capability to add or subtract buckets as you see fit and can also help retrofit your current grow rooms. Hydra Unlimited provides unrivaled support for the perfect operational solution.

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