HydraMax Professional Systems

Grow Faster, Grow Stronger, Grow Larger, Grow cleaner

Scientifically Engineered To Maximize Your Grows

Backed by science, our U.S.A. Michigan made & manufactured HydraMax Professional Systems are the most comprehensive recirculating deep water culture hydroponics systems designed to take your grows to that next level. Extremely easy to use, maintain, clean in place and maximize your yields with –  our systems are used by beginning cultivators to word-class grow operations. Hydra Unlimited is pushing the boundaries of deep water culture evolution, and our systems are designed to deliver world-class results to beginners and expert growers alike.
Higher Yields. Higher Profits. See More Green.

Venturi Circulators

Instantaneous feeding & eliminates the need for airstones that clog and degrade. Our patented circulator and filter is easy to disconnect for cleaning and maintenance.

Raised Buckets

Raised bucket design allows plumbing to run underneath, cleaner grow environments, and saves valuable floorspace.

Center Drain
Our bucket speeds up assembly times, and reduces maintenance needs with its smooth-walled, central drained design.
No Reservoir

HydraMax systems do not require a reservoir, saving operational expenses and additional valuable floor space.

Clean in Place
Clean in place is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, equipment, filters and associated fittings, without major disassembly.
Qwik-Lok Plumbing

Qwik-Lok™ plumbing ensures you’re up-and-running quicker with less maintenance. Extremely easy to use with zero gluing or cutting necessary.

Doser Ready

Nutrients are delivered evenly, at industry-topping speeds. This ensures healthier, higher-yield crops in less time.

World-Class Support

Our unmatched engineering, sales, and customer service is here to support your growing success with every step.

Fully Scalable, Customizable, & Ready To Maximize both your grow success and cultivation yields.

HydraMax 4 bucket, 2 row deep water culture system

HydraMax Professional 2-Row Systems

Available in 4 -16 Buckets

HydraMax 9 bucket, 3 row deep water culture system

HydraMax Professional 3-Row Systems

Available in 6 -24 Buckets

HydraMax 28 bucket, 4 row deep water culture system

HydraMax Professional 4-Row Systems

Available in 8 -32 Buckets

HydraMax Professional systems provide extreme versatility in recirculating deep water culture hydroponics. Our standard systems are available in a variety of rows and number of buckets.

Info & Professional System Customization Request

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