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Shop TetraBase® Grow Media

100% Recyclable, Professional Cultivation Media.

The Last Media You will Ever Own

More Sustainable
Than Soil.

Designed specifically for Deep Water Culture, TetraBase is a clean and reusable media that delivers the support large plants require. Unlike other traditional growing mediums, TetraBase does not affect pH, attract pests, promote bacteria or introduce dust or debris to your system.
TetraBase is made in USA with 100% recycled materials, and is 100% Reusable.
Start increasing the cleanliness of your grow environments while saving costs long-term today!

TetraBase 6 Liter Bag
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Incredible Long Term Savings

100% Clean & Reusable Media. No Dust, No Debris, Non-Abrasive Professional Media.

safer, More Healthy Choice

Reduces Bacteria Growth, Promotes Natural Root Growth, Non-Porous & Interlocking.

Reduce Pests, Keep PH Balance

Does Not Attract Pests, and Does Not Affect Water PH Levels.

Made In The United States

Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, Tested, & Shipped In The U.S.A.

FAQ - TetraBase

Frequently Asked Questions About TetraBase Hydroponic Grow Media

TetraBase is made from 100% recycled Polypropylene. Polypropylene is considered to be the safest of all plastics. It is approved for food and beverage storage. Inherently BPA Free, too! 

No leaching is not a concern, even when exposed to warm or hot water.

TetraBase was designed with 6 key features that clay balls do not have.

  • TetraBase is made from Polypropylene just like the buckets and other components of the system so they may be used and reused indefinitely.
  • TetraBase is non-porous. This can be a major factor in bacteria breeding grounds as well and makes sanitation easier.
  • As your plants grow larger, TetraBase interlocks and grows in strength , creating the ultimate base for your stalks.
  • TetraBase is pH Neutral. TetraBase will not effect your pH like other media, allowing you to dial in your control levels.
  • TetraBase is Non-abrasive and friendly to young fragile plants. Smooth surfaces are also ideal in a DWC environment to avoid any tiny pockets where bacteria growth can occur.
  • Debris/Dust free. Unlike Clay balls, TetraBase will not discolor your roots, water, or deteriorate and drop into your plumbing system which would wreak havoc on your pump and chiller. TetraBase is CLEAN and even if it does manage to get loose into the system, it floats on the surface so it will not be an issue for your pump/plumbing system.

TetraBase is made from the same materials as your buckets and many other parts in the HydraMax System and may be cleaned like any other part.  One suggestion would be to place the TetraBase into a mesh bag(s) and add this to a bucket(s) in the system when circulating a cleaning solution through the system.

TetraBase is packaged in 6 liter and 1 liter bags. Not all net pots are created equal and can vary in volume but generally, a 5.5" or 6" net pot holds about 1 liter of media.

Most of our customers are using bare roots clones which is the best route for transplanting but if you are using cubes, the most important is that the water touches the roots for the first few days. After a few days, you should have some nice growth and can drop the water level.

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