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ROI Calculator

Take charge of your grow room expenses and use this resource to predict how much your cannabis costs to produce per pound of yield. Let's get started below:

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Cost of Production Calculator - v2
Projected Yield per Plant
Per Bucket/Plant Water Consumption
Per Bucket/Plant Nutrient Consumption
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Cost of Production per LB

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Grow With Sustainability In Mind.
Hydroponics in general is a sustainable way to irrigate crops vs traditional agricultural practices which uses ~70% of the earth's 0.5% of usable water. As the population increases, more and more land will be used for growing outdoor crops thus more valuable water will be needed to maintain these crops. The increased acceptance of indoor hydroponic growing for many types of crops supports sustainability on a grand scale and keeps our planet greener.
At Hydra Unlimited, See More Green extends beyond profitability. We take the environment seriously and have designed our HydraMax systems with recyclability, reusability, and reduced water consumption in mind. Between grows, simply rinse and reuse utilizing all of the original parts. Our solutions require less nutrients due to the way these products are delivered to each plant. Even our patented grow media, TetraBase®, is made from 100% recycled material and can be used from grow to grow as opposed to having to buy new media for each cultivation cycle. With Hydra Unlimited, you'll not only See More Green, you will Be More Green.
Cannabis Yield Calculator

At Hydra Unlimited, we take pride in revolutionizing the cannabis cultivation industry. Our latest innovation, the Cannabis Cost of Production ROI Calculator, gives cultivators an opportunity to see where they are doing well and where they need to cut back. Designed by Master Growers, Chief Scientist, and Engineers, this cutting-edge tool offers growers an insight into their current or future facility, showing them what is needed for a successful cannabis grow facility.

Precision Planning

The Cannabis Yield Calculator takes each grow room's unique aspects into account allowing you to input exactly how many plants and lights you operate with. 

Water Management

Determine your per-bucket water consumption on a weekly and daily basis based on a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system with <1% run off.

Smart Energy Consumption

Decisions on lighting for your plants can directly impact your bottom line. Are you choosing the correct options?  See just how lighting affects your expenses in this Cannabis Yield Calculator!

Accurate Evaluation

With the proper information, our calculator will automatically generate what it costs to run your grow room per pound of cannabis production so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Our Cannabis Cost of Production ROI Calculator?

  • Gain insight on how to efficiently operate a cannabis grow room
  • Know the expected costs of your cultivation business
  • The Grow Room Cost Calculator was developed by Master Growers who are currently seeing success
  • Data Driven precision from Engineers and Cultivation Scientists
  • The first Grow Room Yield Calculator of its kind kept up-to-date with industry trends and changes

Don't just dream about higher yields and increased profits – calculate them! Embrace the future of cultivation with Hydra Unlimted's newest version of the calculator (V2). Try it out now with no strings or commitment attached and work your way towards success. 

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