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Grow With Sustainability In Mind.
Hydroponics in general is a sustainable way to irrigate crops vs traditional agricultural practices which uses ~70% of the earth’s 0.5% of usable water. As the population increases, more and more land will be used for growing outdoor crops thus more valuable water will be needed to maintain these crops. The increased acceptance of indoor hydroponic growing for many types of crops supports sustainability on a grand scale and keeps our planet greener.
At Hydra Unlimited, See More Green extends beyond profitability. We take the environment seriously and have designed our HydraMax systems with recyclability, reusability, and reduced water consumption in mind. Between grows, simply rinse and reuse utilizing all of the original parts. Our solutions require less nutrients due to the way these products are delivered to each plant. Even our patented grow media, TetraBase®, is made from 100% recycled material and can be used from grow to grow as opposed to having to buy new media for each cultivation cycle. With Hydra Unlimited, you’ll not only See More Green, you will Be More Green.
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