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Design The Ultimate Grow Room & Indoor Garden Space.

Easily design and maximize your grow rooms and floor space with our Hydroponic Grow Room Generator Tool. Start with our tips below and learn to maximize your grow room or greenhouse buildouts with our HydraMax recirculating deep water culture systems.

When you're satisfied with designing your indoor garden or grow spaces, please fill out our contact form below and you our expert team will handle the rest. We've helped growers all over the U.S.A. start as beginners, convert from soil, retrofit their existing systems, or upgrade to our high-yield, high-performance RDWC systems.


Finish your planning by utilizing our Cost of production ROI calculator tool.
We are experts at helping cultivators achieve success and will do everything we can to help you achieve consistently phenomenal grows!


Grow Room Planning Tips Before You Start

First, be sure to measure your space and then set your grow room dimensions.

Multiple systems can be placed in your room, simply click and drag to your liking after adding.

If your system does not fit, you may need to choose an alternative to find the perfect fit for your space!

Warning! This will clear all previously added systems.

Important Info & Disclaimers
  • Display is a representation only, it is not to scale.
  • Walking paths are assumed to be 36" wide.
  • Bucket spacing is assumed to be 30" center-to-center.
  • Tanks and pumps is assumed to be 60".
  • Tanks and pumps are not depicted in diagram, but are factored into calculations.
  • Number of buckets is accurate with a tank/pump in the room.

Double click a system to remove

Systems on Floor
  • None
40 ft
30 ft

One of our expert associates will reach out to you to make sure you get all your cultivation, install, and technology questions answered so that you can move forward with the perfect buildout process. We look forward to helping your grow dreams come to life!
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