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HydraMax 12 bucket, 2 Row DWC System

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HydraMax Professional
Elevate your cultivation game with the HydraMax 2-Row, 12-Bucket RDWC System, a pinnacle of hydroponic innovation designed to revolutionize your growing experience. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or a beginner, this system is your ticket to maximizing yields, optimizing growth, and enjoying the fruits of your labor like never before.

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Unleash Your Growing Potential
Embark on a journey of unparalleled plant growth and vigor. This advanced RDWC system provides your plants with an environment tailored for success, and is automated doser-ready. With two dedicated rows and a total of 12 buckets, you have the freedom to diversify your crops and grow a wide range of plants simultaneously. Our professional systems allow for scalability and customizability – adapting perfectly to every grow layout.

Efficiency in Full Bloom
Experience the epitome of efficiency as this system streamlines the cultivation process. Each bucket is meticulously designed to ensure optimal water and nutrient distribution, fostering rapid growth and robust yields. Say goodbye to soil-related hurdles and embrace the simplicity of hydroponics. HydraMax provides cleaner grow environments, reduced labor and operational maintenance, clean in place capabilities, and is chiller ready. Our patented Qwik-Lok plumbing provides extremely easy plug n' play installation and hose reconnections.

Roots That Thrive
The HydraMax 2-Row, 12-Bucket System places root health at the forefront. Thanks to our precision-engineered venturi circulators, your plants' roots will flourish like never before while simultaneously removing the need for air stones all together. They homogenize the systems within 5 minutes causing them to develop vigorous root systems that are the foundation of exceptional growth. View our video on YouTube to see just how optimized our venturi circulators are.

Tailored for Your Space
Whether you're a hobbyist with limited room or a commercial grower seeking to maximize your production area, this system fits like a glove. The compact yet robust design eliminates the need for an epicenter bucket which reduces costs, and ensures that you can harness the benefits of hydroponics no matter the size of your growing space. HydraMax Professional systems come with 30" bucket spacing, but can be customized upon request.

Simple Setup, Stunning Results
Our recirculating deep water culture systems are easy to use. The HydraMax 2-Row, 12-Bucket System is engineered for easy setup and user-friendly operation. Our comprehensive guide walks you through each step, ensuring that you'll be up and running in no time. Watch how easy our innovative installation process with our guide here: HydraMax installation video!

This HydraMax Professional RDWC System includes:

• Now includes Root Halo! Our media-less, snap-in netpot system.
• Twelve 8-Gallon Buckets
• 12 Lids w/ inspection port & cover
• 12 Venturi Circulators
• Qwik-Lok Plumbing, including all necessary hoses and connectors
• 1 Pump
• 1 Dosing Funnel
• 1 Refill Valve
• Twelve 5.5" snap-in netpots, each with neoprene collar insert.
• 3 Year Warranty

**Important Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping only applies to parts and fittings – All HydraMax Professional systems ship in 7 days or less by standard ground service.**

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Installation Manual

Installation Manual (Pre-2023)

HydraMax Brochure

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Deep Water Culture Education

Cultivators Using Our System

Total Homogenization in Less Than 3 Minutes

Get consistent homogenization in your hydroponic buckets swiftly with Hydra Unlimited's advanced systems. Achieve optimal dosing and aeration in just three minutes, creating a balanced and conducive environment for your plant's growth. Suitable for any indoor grow space, our technology boosts plant health and increases yields, streamlining your cultivation efforts. For more information, visit or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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Indoor RDWC Hydroponic Systems

Improve your indoor growing experience with Hydra Unlimited's Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) systems. Perfect for any indoor setting, our RDWC technology supports healthy plant growth and boosts yields, streamlining your cultivation process. Learn more at or reach out to us at (616) 277-5138.

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The Future of Media-less Hydroponics

Engineered from 100% recycled Polypropylene, TetraBase is not only eco-friendly but also provides a stable, pH-neutral environment that promotes robust root development. Its unique design ensures optimal oxygenation and moisture retention, leading to healthier plants and more abundant yields.

Learn more about how TetraBase can revolutionize your hydroponic setup at or reach out for more information at (616) 277-5138.

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Better Circulation. Better Grow.

Elevate your hydroponic grow with Hydra Unlimited's advanced circulation technology, designed for superior oxygen and nutrient distribution. See the difference better circulation makes in producing healthier, more vibrant plants. Explore our solutions at or see link in our bio!

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Grow From Home Year-Round

Transform any space into a thriving garden with HydraMax Home. Our compact, eco-friendly system lets you enjoy the perks of deep water culture hydroponics all year long. Start your home grow journey at or see link in our bio!

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Hydra Unlimited: Revolutionizing Hydroponics

We're reshaping the future of hydroponic cultivation through innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Specializing in advanced, high-yield, media-less hydroponic systems, we cater to a diverse range of growers - from commercial cultivators to hobbyists seeking to enhance their indoor gardening.

Explore the future of hydroponics with Hydra Unlimited. Learn more about how we can support your growing success at or by contacting us directly at (616) 277-5138.

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More Sustainable Than Soil. 🌱

Discover the eco-friendly advantage of Hydra's TetraBase, the innovative, media-less growing solution that's changing the game. Enjoy healthier plants and a cleaner grow with less waste than traditional soil methods. Learn more at or see link in bio!

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Contact us today if you're interested in upgrading your current setup or grow operation with high efficiency Venturi circulators, innovative quick-connect no leak hydroponic plumbing, or our media-less grow solutions. If you're ready for American-made high-yield RDWC equipment, let's get you started! 🔥 DM us with any questions! 🔥
New blog article | 🧬 RDWC/Soil science tech brief by Hydra Unlimited Chief Scientist & Principal Engineer, now up:
Reach out today to level up your grow game 💎
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Get started with setting up the perfect beginner, craft, pro, or commercial grow space today. DM us for @nuravine automation, customization, and high-yield RDWC setups.
Visit for system info, cultivation science, media-less grow solutions, and USA made hydroponic parts and plumbing equipment. 

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Educational purposes only, zero canna sales:
Big shout out to @semperfr0sty for showing off his Da Vinci OG strain, acclimating very nicely in Root Halo, our newest media-less snap-in netpot, inside his HydraMax RDWC system! Be sure to give their page a follow!

😎 Ready to GO BIG this year? DM us to start setting up your world-class hydroponic grow setup today. Free Shipping on #1-32 bucket standard systems all day every day! All professional setups are completely customizable and automated-doser ready with @nuravine. Let's get you into the future of sustainable growing, give us a shout!

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Interested in creating a more sustainable high-yield grow environment and reducing water, nutrient, and labor costs to your canna or agricultural grows? 💧♻️ 🌎 

We actively R&D year-round and freely share the science behind hydroponic growing to make you successful; 🌿 Many factors can impact the plant's ability for evapotranspiration at their maximum capacity.  Both low and high air humidity impacts the process. Often measured as Vapor Pressure Deficit, VPD is related to air humidity and room temperature. Poor control of grow room atmospherics, such as VPD, can inhibit a plant's consumption of nutrients.  Day after day of poor room environmental control can add up.

Hydra Unlimited scientists and engineers use the concept of "Growth Index" – the calculation of total canopy volume in cubic meters to evaluate progress.  The amount of water released by the plants depends upon the total surface area of the leaves.  Think of it as a "green volume" in the room.  Hydra Unlimited's RDWC system is a closed loop system wherein 99% of the water consumed is consumed by the plants "green volume." Coupled with Hydra Unlimited's unique media-less cultivation options such as Root Halo and Tetrabase grow media (a breathable shield in which only 1% of the system water consumed is lost to system evaporation) both lost water consumption and HVAC load are dramatically reduced.  Further, there is neither a need for extra "water runoff" nor is there a risk of underwatering that is a part of any substrate farming practice.  This is why Hydra Unlimited offers world class minimum water and nutrient use with the potential of maximum yields while fully supporting Conservation Agriculture in the indoor space.

Find the linke to our full technical brief in bio>>

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DM us to switch to our media-less snap-in net pot ROOT HALO today!
Our cultivation experts guide you through the importance maintaining proper water health and the role it plays in delivering vital nutrients to your plants. We discuss the use of Hypochlorous Acid to increase ORP and Dissolved Oxygen.

We also address potential challenges faced by hydroponic growers when using Hypochlorous Acid, such as nutrient deficiencies and plant progression. Link In Bio >>

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Everyone seemed to love @Green_Lite_Farms HydraMax RDWC setup, here is yet another look. Be sure to give them a follow on IG or reach out to us for any questions!

If you'd like to convert a room or operation into your own high-yield deep water culture setup, let's get started today! 💸  PayPal Pay-Later & system/layout customization available on all 4-bucket systems and up! Link in bio -

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@GhostedGrower has his HydraMax Professional setup waiting on clones, showing off the @Nuravine Flux system. We make automation super easy. Let's get you started with the perfect setup and have you reach your goals this year.

Contact us here for custom system/spacing requests, pay-later available on all hydroponic systems. Link in Bio >

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System Comparison Quick-Guide
Maximum number of buckets
Pump Size
700 gph, 60 watts, 1.3 amps
2600 gph, 270 watts, 2.2 amps
Min 16" x 23" Max 21" x 23"
Min 3'10" x 5'8" Max 8'10" x 22'10"
Bucket Size
8 Gal
8 Gal
8 Gal
HydraMax Circulators
Includes Refill Valve
Custom Layouts
Up to 32 Buckets

¹HydraMax Commercial systems are available in rows of up to 32 buckets per row and multiple rows may be linked together for an unlimited number of buckets.

²Pump size, dimensions and refill valve use will be determined once the system requirements are defined.

³Standard Professional systems come with 30" bucket spacing but custom spacing is available upon request. 

FREE SHIPPING | free system customization
1-3 year USa warranties on all products

*Free Shipping Available On All Systems + Products Sold Online (Lower 48 states, USA).

Free System Customization & Room Layout On Professional Systems. Contact support for questions.