HydraMax 2 bucket, 1 Row DWC System

HydraMax 2 bucket, 1 Row DWC System

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HydraMax 2-site, 1-row System

HydraMax is a complete deep water culture system.  Nutrients are quickly and evenly delivered to each bucket simultaneously.

Better Yields, Better Profits, See More Green. Whether your plants number from 1-5000, you can rely on The HydraMax difference: HydraMax Deep Water Culture Systems consistently produce faster vegging, higher yields, and sustainably grown crops.

HydraMax is the only built-for-commercial solution on the Market today, created by Engineers with over 40 years of fluidics expertise. From its best-in-class aeration capabilities to its unrivaled nutrient delivery efficiency, HydraMax ensures that your crops grow predictably at scale so you’ll See More Green™ in less time.

Our Deep Water Culture System includes:

• Two 8-Gallon Buckets
• 2 Lids w/ inspection port & cover
• 2 HydraFlex Circulators
• Qwik-Lok Plumbing
•1 Pump
• 1 Dosing Funnel
• 1 Refill Valve
• Two 5.5″ Netpots
*The following items are required for installation but are not included: Teflon Tape, Scissors, Pliers or Wrench

Looking for a grow media you never have to replace? Check out our TetraBase and add it to your order!

Additional information

Weight 330 lbs


The 1:1 water/oxygen circulator creates higher-yield, faster-growing crops while removing the added costs of air pumps and stones.

Raised Buckets
Raised bucket design allows plumbing to run underneath, saving valuable floorspace.

Center Drain
Our bucket speeds up assembly times, and reduces maintenance needs with its smooth-walled, central drained design.

Qwik-Lok™ plumbing ensures you’re up-and-running quicker, and face less downtime during required maintenance.

No Reservoir
HydraMax systems do not require a reservoir, saving valuable floor space.

Clean In Place
Clean in place is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, equipment, filters and associated fittings, without major disassembly.

Customer Service
Our unmatched customer service is here to support you from quoting to installation, and beyond.

Our hydroponic media, TetraBase™, is reusable, pH-neutral, and designed specifically to enhance your deep water culture operation.


Installation Manual

Installation Manual (Pre-2023 Systems)

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