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HydraMax Bucket Legs, 4-Pack

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Weight 1.95991 lbs

Cultivators Using Our System

Grow From Home: Bring the Power of Hydroponics to Your Personal Growing Space

Transform your living space into a thriving garden with Hydra Unlimited's home hydroponic systems. Our user-friendly technology makes it easy to cultivate lush, healthy plants right from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, our systems provide everything you need to start growing like a pro.

Start your home gardening journey at or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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Grow Like an Expert with Hydra Unlimited

Advance your commercial hydroponic operations and home cultivation with Hydra Unlimited's precision-engineered systems. Designed for professional growers, our technology provides scalable solutions that deliver consistent, high-quality yields. Ideal for new and expanding operations, our systems simplify the cultivation process, ensuring efficiency and reliability to help you grow like an expert.

Enhance your commercial grow at or DM us with questions!

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World-Class Cultivation, Inside Your Home

Bring the power of professional-grade hydroponics into your living space with Hydra Unlimited. Our systems are designed to fit seamlessly into any home environment, allowing you to enjoy world-class cultivation from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for indoor gardeners looking to produce exceptional yields with ease.

Start your home-based hydroponic journey at or contact us at (616) 277-5138.

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Designed, Engineered, Tested, Manufactured, & Shipped In The U.S.A.

Hydra Unlimited proudly brings you hydroponic systems that are 100% designed, engineered, tested, manufactured, and shipped within the U.S.A. Our commitment to quality and innovation is matched by our dedication to supporting local economies and maintaining rigorous standards. Experience American-made excellence in hydroponics.

Discover more about our U.S.-based operations at or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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Decades of Expertise: Custom Solutions with Hydroponic Systems

With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing space, Hydra Unlimited is your trusted partner in hydroponics. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to tailor solutions for every grower, from home enthusiasts with one or two buckets to commercial operations needing 500 buckets. We're committed to meeting your specific needs and helping you achieve your cultivation goals. Explore our custom hydroponic solutions at or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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Grow With Sustainability In Mind

Hydroponics offers a sustainable alternative to traditional agriculture, using significantly less of the Earth's limited fresh water supply. By choosing Hydra Unlimited's hydroponic systems, you're not only optimizing your crop's growth but also conserving about 70% of the water that conventional farming methods would typically require. Embrace a greener way to grow and help protect our planet's vital resources.

Learn more about sustainable growing practices at or call us at (616) 277-5138.

#SustainableGrowing #Hydroponics #WaterConservation #HydraUnlimited #EcoFriendlyFarming
Hydra Unlimited: Leading the Way in Hydroponic Solutions

Our mission is to support your cultivation journey with state-of-the-art hydroponic solutions. Our focus is on delivering not just advanced hydroponic systems but a comprehensive growing experience designed around your success. From the space-saving efficiency of our home setups to the scalable productivity of our commercial offerings, every product is built on over 40 years of fluid dynamics expertise. With Hydra Unlimited, benefit from our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer support. Our team is committed to providing you with the tools and guidance needed to achieve outstanding growth and yields. Join us in revolutionizing hydroponics, one grow at a time. For more information or to get started, visit or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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What is Deep Water Culture (DWC)?

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a revolutionary method of cultivating plants in nutrient-rich, oxygenated water, bypassing traditional soil-based growing. This technique promotes rapid growth and healthy root development. Whether you're new to hydroponics or looking to refine your skills, Hydra Unlimited has all the resources you need.

For comprehensive guides and FAQs on Deep Water Culture, visit our Deep Water Culture Resources Page at

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🌿 Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a hydroponics hobbyist, this guide will show you how to streamline your watering routine with the power of float valves!

✨ 👍 Shoutout to our Green Bay distributor for another informative video on #hydroponics! 🔗  Full video link in bio >>

Team Garden Supply Guys: 🔥Discover the game-changing benefits of float valves in hydroponics and gardening! In this video, we explore how float valves automate the water refilling process, making it easier than ever to maintain optimal water levels in reservoirs, hydroponic systems, and humidifiers. Say goodbye to manual watering and overflows, and say hello to efficient and hassle-free water management!

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Designed for High-Performance Growing

Unlock the potential of your grow with Hydra Unlimited's systems, crafted for the highest performance in hydroponic cultivation. Experience efficiency, reliability, and top-tier yields. Start growing smarter at or call (616) 277-5138.

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Quality You Can Trust: Hydra Unlimited's Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified

Hydra Unlimited is committed to quality and reliability in hydroponic solutions. This reflects our dedication to meeting international standards in all aspects of our operation, from product design to engineering to customer service. Whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial grower, you can trust Hydra Unlimited to provide high-performance hydroponic systems that are both innovative and extremely dependable. Embrace excellence in hydroponics with confidence. Visit us at or call (616) 277-5138 to learn more about our commitment to quality.
Your Success is Our Focus: Dedicated Support from Hydra Unlimited

At Hydra Unlimited, we understand that the success of your grow operation is paramount. That's why we offer dedicated support from our experienced team, committed to assisting you every step of the way. Whether you need help selecting the right system, troubleshooting, or optimizing your setup for maximum yield, our experts are here for you. Partner with us for personalized support that focuses on your success. Contact us at (616) 277-5138 or visit to learn more about our commitment to your growing journey.

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@hydra_unlimited X @nuravine - Next level RDWC hydro automation. Full system setups available today, DM us to get started. #hydroponic #hydroponicgrowers #deepwaterculture #usamade #hydrofarm #growthmindset #custommade #innovation #technology #newtech
Discover the Ideal Grow System for You with Our Grow Room Generator

With numerous high-quality grow systems available, choosing the right one can be challenging. That's why Hydra Unlimited developed the Grow Room Generator, a tool designed to help you find the perfect system for your needs. By considering your specific requirements and preferences, our generator simplifies the selection process, ensuring you get a system that matches your cultivation goals. Explore your options today at or reach out to us at (616) 277-5138 for further assistance.

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Growing Made Easy: Yield More with Hydroponic Systems

Simplify your cultivation and amplify your yields with Hydra Unlimited's hydroponic solutions. Our systems are designed for easy operation and exceptional growth, making high-performance gardening accessible to everyone. Dive into effortless growing at or reach out at (616) 277-5138.

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Total Homogenization in Less Than 3 Minutes

Get consistent homogenization in your hydroponic buckets swiftly with Hydra Unlimited's advanced systems. Achieve optimal dosing and aeration in just three minutes, creating a balanced and conducive environment for your plant's growth. Suitable for any indoor grow space, our technology boosts plant health and increases yields, streamlining your cultivation efforts. For more information, visit or call us at (616) 277-5138.

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Indoor RDWC Hydroponic Systems

Improve your indoor growing experience with Hydra Unlimited's Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) systems. Perfect for any indoor setting, our RDWC technology supports healthy plant growth and boosts yields, streamlining your cultivation process. Learn more at or reach out to us at (616) 277-5138.

#IndoorRDWC #HydroponicSystems #HealthyGrowth #BoostedYields #HydraUnlimited
The Future of Media-less Hydroponics

Engineered from 100% recycled Polypropylene, TetraBase is not only eco-friendly but also provides a stable, pH-neutral environment that promotes robust root development. Its unique design ensures optimal oxygenation and moisture retention, leading to healthier plants and more abundant yields.

Learn more about how TetraBase can revolutionize your hydroponic setup at or reach out for more information at (616) 277-5138.

#TetraBase #MediaLessGrowing #Hydroponics #SustainableGrowing #EfficientCultivation #HydraUnlimited
Better Circulation. Better Grow.

Elevate your hydroponic grow with Hydra Unlimited's advanced circulation technology, designed for superior oxygen and nutrient distribution. See the difference better circulation makes in producing healthier, more vibrant plants. Explore our solutions at or see link in our bio!

#BetterCirculation #BetterGrow #HydraUnlimited #HydroponicsTechnology #HealthyPlants
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System Comparison Quick-Guide
Maximum number of buckets
Pump Size
700 gph, 60 watts, 1.3 amps
2600 gph, 270 watts, 2.2 amps
Min 16" x 23" Max 21" x 23"
Min 3'10" x 5'8" Max 8'10" x 22'10"
Bucket Size
8 Gal
8 Gal
8 Gal
HydraMax Circulators
Includes Refill Valve
Custom Layouts
Up to 32 Buckets

¹HydraMax Commercial systems are available in rows of up to 32 buckets per row and multiple rows may be linked together for an unlimited number of buckets.

²Pump size, dimensions and refill valve use will be determined once the system requirements are defined.

³Standard Professional systems come with 30" bucket spacing but custom spacing is available upon request. 

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1-3 year USa warranties on all products

*Free Shipping Available On All Systems + Products Sold Online (Lower 48 states, USA).

Free System Customization & Room Layout On Professional Systems. Contact support for questions.