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Qwik-Lok Socket, 1-1/8" Cap

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1 1/8 Qwik-Lok cap socket

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1 1/8 Qwik-Lok cap socket allows tubing to be sealed while enabling future changes to your Hydroponic plumbing with ease.ย 

Additional information

Weight 0.024251 lbs

Cultivators Using Our System

Qwik-Lok plumbing is improving cultivation operations and changing the status quo!

Our innovative Qwik-Lok system ensures fast, efficient, and leakproof connections with the ease of one-handed operation. Built on over 20 years of field success, Qwik-Lok is designed to make your setup seamless and hassle-free. 

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Ensure the health of your plants from the ground up with Hydra Unlimited's hydroponic systems. Our technology focuses on root health, providing the perfect balance of oxygen and nutrients directly to your plants' root zone. This targeted approach leads to healthier, more resilient plants and ultimately, more bountiful harvests. Ideal for growers who prioritize root vitality as the key to a thriving garden.

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Your Media-Less Solution: Root Halo

Unlock the benefits of a media-less growing environment with Root Haloโ„ข, our innovative Snap-In Netpot Systemโ„ข from Hydra Unlimited. Designed to reduce labor and promote stronger plant development, Root Halo offers a sustainable hydroponic solution that can dramatically enhance plant growth and operational efficiency. With its unique "Snap-In" tabs, this system helps stabilize your plant, so as it's reaching mature growth, the plant and netpot do not tip, which also reduces overall light-leaking.

Root Halo is not only low in cost but high in benefits, allowing for a quick reset between harvest, reducing labor, and maximizing root growth potential. Enjoy increased water and nutrient uptake with a system that's reusable across multiple grow cycles.

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System Comparison Quick-Guide
Maximum number of buckets
Pump Size
700 gph, 60 watts, 1.3 amps
2600 gph, 270 watts, 2.2 amps
Min 16" x 23" Max 21" x 23"
Min 3'10" x 5'8" Max 8'10" x 22'10"
Bucket Size
8 Gal
8 Gal
8 Gal
HydraMax Circulators
Includes Refill Valve
Custom Layouts
Up to 32 Buckets

ยนHydraMax Commercial systems are available in rows of up to 32 buckets per row and multiple rows may be linked together for an unlimited number of buckets.

ยฒPump size, dimensions and refill valve use will be determined once the system requirements are defined.

ยณStandard Professional systems come with 30" bucket spacing but custom spacing is available upon request. 

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