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Why Water Temperature Matters in Hydroponics

Water Temperature and Oxygen in Hydroponics As you may know, water temperature should be held at a constant value when growing hydroponically. What makes this value correct and why is it important? When growing in hydroponics you often hear about this device called a chiller or heater that allows for temperatures to maintain constant in a deep water culture system. The device is pumped with water from your circulating system and cools or heats the water to the set temperature. That's how you can keep a regulated temperature, now I will answer why it's important. Oxygen is one of the most vital sources to a plants growth and water temperature directly related to how much oxygen a hydroponics system can support. As temperature rises, the amount of dissolved oxygen falls. As temperature lowers, the amount of oxygen in the system rises. Where's the sweet spot and how do you find it?
Oxygen vs Temperature Chart
Water temperature is too high – When temperature is too high, you run the risk of bacteria and fungus growth within your system and plants. When temperature is too low – The plants start to shut down, resulting in less nutrient intake as well as potential stunted growth and development. Through research and testing, many have found the ideal temperature to be between 65°F (18°C) and 68°F (20°C). Between these temperatures, you will see optimal performance with each of your grows. You can find the recommended chiller size for your system, so there is peace of mind when purchasing one for your HydraMax system. The chiller size recommendation can be found HERE. Concluding thoughts: Water temperature is very important in the growing process and for best results, you must constantly monitor your plants for signs of nutrient deprivation and bacteria growth. (Inspiration and graph data from


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