HydraMax Home Systems

Limited space? HydraMax Home Systems have all same the features of our professional systems with fewer buckets! 

We currently offer 4-site and 6-site systems.

  • Includes all components needed to complete install. Installation takes only an hour, no tools required.
  • Your plants will thrive with our growing media, Tetrabase.
  • All buckets are a universtal 16"L x 16"W x 18"H with 30" spacing with flexible tubing. Stock size can be used as is or cut down to optimize your space and light spread.
  • 4-site footprint is 5’8”L x 3’10”W
  • 6-site footprint is 8’2”L x 3’10”W

Space Saving. Our flexible tubes lay on the ground, saving valuable real estate in your room! 

Optimization. Maximize your light spread, use less water and nutrients.

Precision Plumbing. Controlled return paths create the perfect recipe for instant equilibrium. No need for a control bucket.

Convenience. Top-off valve, meters, and even your doser can go on any bucket that’s most convenient for you!

Precision.  Flow is so precise, you’ll never wait more than 2 minutes to achieve that perfect reading.