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Hydra Unlimited embodies the idea of using science and technology to empower the future of agricultural capability and evolvement. Our blog contains information about growing tips, deep water culture science, cannabis growing data and research, hydroponic technology testing, & other really useful hydroponic growing information articles. Thank you for reading and researching about our innovative deep water culture hydroponic science!

Cannabis Cost of Production ROI Calculator
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Profitability Realized with Online Cannabis ROI Calculator

Hydra Unlimited, a leading manufacturer of commercial hydroponic grow solutions, has debuted an online Cannabis Cost of Production ROI Calculator. By providing known and projected parameters, and modifying factors, growers can develop a cultivation strategy that delivers higher yields and helps them See More Green™. Visit the ROI Calculator to learn your expense pain points.

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Cannabis Grow Trial Sees Water & Nutrient Savings

The trial with a five-year-old company involved four 20-bucket HydraMax arrays grown indoors without ambient sunlight. The system was monitored throughout the test period for nutrient/water, temperature, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), electrical conductivity (EC), pH and dissolved oxygen by Nuravine monitoring equipment. Room atmospherics were continually checked for light intensity, dew point, relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit. An Athena Ag Blended nutrient line was chosen for the trial with a standard feeding and irrigation (fertigation) schedule set in place.

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